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Scott Beadle

Marc Chan at Performance Works

Bev Davies

Joe Keithley

Museum of Vancouver

Neil Osborne

SBC Cafe

Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Marc Williams, Sequel 13B Development

Living Balance

Westbank Development Corp.

Joe Sharun and the staff at the Pint

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Bev Davies

Sharon Steele



Victoria Black Photography

One Day In Your Life

(54•40) © 1986 Fifty Four Forty Songs Inc.

Performed by 54•40

Courtesy of 54•40 Music Ltc.

Half- Wit 

(Dan Gillis) © 2012 Dan Ellis SOCAN

Performed by The Remedials

Courtesy of The Remedials

‘Heaven Sent’

(Babe Gill) © 2012 Gabe Gil SOCAN

Performed by The Remedials

‘Five Seconds Apart’

(Scott Holman) © 2013 Scott Holman SOCAN

Performed by Curds&Whey

He’ll look Better (When He’s Dead)

(T.Brooks/P.Findler) © 1995 SOCAN

Performed by Pill Squad


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